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Amorus Smart Case for iPhone

Amorus Smart Case for iPhone

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The product is NFC Refesh Eink Screen, no battery is needed, only need to connect the APP, you can choose the pattern you want to DIY display on the phone case. It is very simple and easy to use.

Currently the phone case display screen, only support "black, white, red" three colors, please try to choose these three colors composed of pictures to use. In order to get the most idealized effect.

How to Use:

Install the phone case on your device.

Activate your phone's NFC feature and download the "INK SHOW" APP.

Choose your preferred image and project it onto the screen using the APP.

Once the projection is complete, your setup is done.


APP: Download the cover exclusive APP to set your own DIY pictures, APP
gallery and mobile phone album patterns can be projected to the mobile
phone case, personalized customized exclusive pictures, you can change
the phone case picture at any time

Hybrid Material: Made from top-quality PC + TPU + glass materials, this case effectively protects your phone from daily damages

& Not Slippery Grip: Ultra slim profile follows the phone's
original design, its slim form will not make the phone bulky and give
you a confident hold

Case: Smart ink screen projection phone case, energy saving and
environmental protection without battery projection, no built-in
battery, no need for connecting cables, transmit data and content
through NFC, DIY display to achieve dual screen

Covered: All of your phone’s buttons, and switches made of textured
metal features and functions work flawlessly, and convenient open access
to ports and speakers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Juwan Batz

The item arrived in perfect condition works perfectly better than I expected

Aniyah Nitzsche

Quality looks good so far, screen rendering is good, product shipped fast.